Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - February 2nd

Zarah of Food & Thoughts and I have decided to team up and co-host Dining with the Bloggers. Each week you’ll hear from both of us about tried and true Blogger recipes. So when you finish up here, head on over to Zarah’s for the next course!

My first experience with a bean burger was some sorry excuse from the frozen foods department. I’m pretty sure I never even finished eating the contents of that package. It was quite some time before I tried another and when I did it wasn’t out of the freezer case. It was actually just a few months ago at a time when I was well into my current love affair with beans and that bean burger, another wonderful recipe from Alice, was a revelation.

Flash forward to IMBB 11 when I laid eyes on Lenn’s big (dare I say beefy?) bean burgers. Who needs hamburgers? Lenn’s Southwest Blog Burnin’ Bean Burgers are delicious – spicy, smoky, and completely satisfying. They are mixed in a bowl by hand, so you don’t need to drag out the food processor, and the mixture holds together quite well, so frying them is a breeze. I enjoyed them as leftovers as much as I did the first night. I highly recommend this recipe!

Alongside the bean burgers, I had some of Esurient’s Crash-hot Potatoes. This is almost more a technique than a recipe – partially cooked little potatoes are squooshed, brushed with oil, seasoned, and then roasted to perfection. They’re a lovely combination of soft and crispy. I’ll definitely be making these again.


Niki said...

Hey, I made a favourites post! Wheee!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I loved Lenn's burgers *so* much that we will never, ever have another frozen veggie burger again!

Esurient's potatoes sound amazing...I'm going over there right now for the recipe and they'll be on the menu for this weekend.

Thanks a mil!


Anonymous said...

I will have to try Lenn's burgers and the potatoes! Both look divine.

Cathy said...

Hi Esurient - they sure were good! I had a bag of small potatoes that needed to be used up this time, but next time I think I would just cook the amount needed. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Hi Moira - I agree! I will NEVER eat frozen veggie or bean burgers again! I really liked Alice's recipe too, and it has quite a different flavor from Lenn's.

Hi Alice - I'm sure you'll like both!

Johnna Knows Good Food: Yum Yum, Gimme Some! said...

When I really want to just indulge in comfort and don't want to make the burgers at home, I go to Z Burger. The burgers are juicy and served fast. I pair my burgers with onion rings and I’m instantly satisfied and stuffed