Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Cookbook Exchange


I'm a cookbook junkie and I'll bet many of you are too. Books are probably my number one impulse buy, and more often than not they're cookbooks. I love going through a new cookbook from cover to cover for the first time. Problem is, once the honeymoon is over and I start looking for recipes that I'm really going to make, some of those gorgeous-to-look-at-but-take-all-day-to-make recipes start to lose some of their appeal.

Santos recently came up with the brilliant idea of starting a blog that would serve as a trading post for cookbook lovers who are looking to swap their under-loved cookbooks. In addition, The Cookbook Exchange will host cookbook reviews. If you're interested in posting a book you'd like to swap or a cookbook review, email a request and you'll be made a contributor lickety split.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, cookbook swapping. Best yet, register your swapped cookbooks with No matter where your cookbook goes, you'll be tuned in to what its current owner thinks of it.

Cathy said...

Hi Ebumu - what a great idea. I had heard about some time ago (and even bookmarked it), but forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!