Monday, June 06, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Pumpkin Rocks

Page 53 in the old book / page 86 in the new book

This is actually a cookie that I had made once before. The cookies are called rocks because of their shape rather than their texture. They are very good - sort of like a mini pumpkin muffin loaded with raisins and walnuts. They are really wonderful the day they are made - the lemon icing glistens and they still have a little crunch on the outside.

These are easy to make, but I encountered one bit of difficulty while making them. I failed to read the icing recipe ahead of time and so had not taken out some butter to soften. To make matters worse, I had forgotten that the icing is applied to the hot cookies as soon as they come out of the oven. So... I was scurrying around at the last minute, washing the mixer bowl, and trying to get the icing made in time. Initially my icing was lumpy with bits of (cold) butter. In desperation I filled the sink with hot water and stuck the bowl in there for a couple of minutes. I put the bowl back in the mixer, beat the icing a little more and voila - my icing was saved!

I really like these cookies - I have only one complaint about them. The icing becomes wet after the cookies have been in an airtight container overnight. This change doesn't affect the taste of the cookies at all, though it does affect their appearance and texture and makes them a little messy to handle.

Though the scores from the cookie panel don't reflect it, the Pumpkin Rocks were very well received by everyone in the office. Here's the panel...

Suzanne: "I like pumpkin anything, so I enjoyed these cookies. I have to admit, I did take out the raisins. This cookie is soft and spicy. Rating - 4"

Denny: "Pumpkin Rocks Rock! But I do like pumpkin and nuts very much. I'd give them a 4.5 as I'm saving my 5's for chocolate and nuts. Rating - 4.5"

Laura: unfortunately there was a mix-up and Laura didn't get to try one of these. Sorry Laura!

Phil: "A suggestive looking cookie with a bubbly exterior coated in a light glaze. Moist, sweet, with a smidge too many raisins. Rating - 3.4"

Overall rating by the panel - 3.9

Next week - Banana Rocks

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Nic said...

These look good, Cathy. I love pumpkin cookies - but I think that I'd probably agree with panel and take out some of the raisins. Something has never sat right with me when cookies are called "rocks", though I know it's fairly common. Of course, I get over my aversion to the name once I'm munching on the cookie.

Cathy said...

Hi Nic - After the first batch I realized that I hadn't gotten the raisins and nuts well distributed in the batter. The first batch in the oven had a much bigger dose of raisins and nuts than the second. So - the amounts may well be OK, it's just I didn't mix them in well enough!

I have not encountered "rocks" before except in this book. There are three cookies called rocks - pumpkin, banana and date. It is a strange name though!

santos. said...

that should be a complete statement--pumpkin rocks! (dude) :-)

Mika said...

I love pumpkin in desserts and this cookie with its dark-orange looks yumm...

Cathy said...

Hi Santos - absolutely!

Hi Mika - I love pumpkin too, and the lemon glaze on these cookies is a perfect accent for the spicy, sweet pumpkin.