Monday, August 22, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Tijuana Fiesta Cookies

Page 68 in the old book / page 96 in the new book

Phil suggested that everyone might like these so much because we were on the rebound from those awful Poppy-Seed Wafers. There might be an element of truth to that, but they were awful good. Not only were they good, they were unusual - quite different in flavor from any spice cookie I've ever had.

Because of the unusual spices in this recipe, I was afraid I was setting myself up for another disaster. But I need not have worried, these cookies have a wonderful warm spicy taste. The anise is what you taste first, but it is supported by the ginger and molasses and the other spices (coriander, cinnamon, and cloves) as well, though they are less distinct.

Some people didn't really enjoy the noticeable presence of whole anise seeds and crushed coriander. If you make these (and I recommend that you do!), depending upon your intended audience, you may want to try grinding the anise seed before adding it. I used a mortar and pestle to crush the coriander, but next time I'll probably substitute ground coriander. I did like the whole anise seed though.

I had a little trouble getting the proper consistency for the icing. I used more sugar and less milk than called for and it still wanted to run off the cookies. Next time I think I'll start with 2 cups of sugar and play it by ear with the milk.

It's so nice to have a happy cookie panel again...

Suzanne: "This was a soft cookie with the definite taste of anise. If you don't like licorice you won't like this cookie. The cookie had too many different tastes. I prefer a crunchier cookie. I did like the icing and the pecan on top. Rating - 3.0"

Denny: "Another one that I wouldn't normally like but I rate them a 4. Very good even with the anise which I don't like. Rating - 4.0"

Laura: "Moist, yummy cookies. Loved the spices! Rating - 4.0"

Phil: "A delightful discovery -- soft almost fluffy cookie with a strong melange of interesting spices (aptly refered to as exotic by Maida) with a noticable zip of anise. Seemed to wake up a range of taste buds I didn't remember having. Rating - 4.4"

Overall rating by the panel - 3.9

Next week - Vanilla Butter Wafers

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Nic said...

I think I would definately try these. I've been thinking about playing around with coriander a bit, actually. I'll have to check to see if this recipe is in my MH cookbook.

Anonymous said...

Yum, sounds good to me. And I am also glad you have a happy cookie panel again! :)

Cathy said...

Hi Nic - if you find you don't have the recipe, let me know and I'd be happy to send it to you.

Even though I have cooked with ground coriander before, it's not a flavor that I know well. I even tasted some of the coriander seed after I crushed it to try and get a sense of it!

Hi Alice - they are really good - probably among the top two or three of my personal favorites so far!

Joycelyn said...

hi cathy those look so scrumptious and gingerbread and spice cookies and this recipe sounds like a real winner. cheers,j

Cathy said...

Thanks Jocelyn! I liked these a lot - they're really flavorful cookies, but (I thought) not too spicy.

Niki said...

I love reading Phil's comments. They're a highlight for me; tell him he has a fan! :-)
I do like the sound of these - a bit different, unusual. Nice!

Cathy said...

Thanks Niki! I will let Phil know!

Randi said...

i just love reading about all these cookies.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much Randi!

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,

For some reason, I don't think my comment about these showed up here. =(

I was thinking that since these have anise in them, they must have a nice licorice flavor to them. Accompanied by the other spices, this must have been quite nice.

Cathy said...

Hi Reid! That happened to me recently too - although maybe it was late and I just forgot to hit the publish button...

These were wonderful - definitely worth making!