Sunday, September 25, 2005

23rd Post Meme

OK, this one's easy - all I've got to do is count. I was tagged by AG at Grab Your Fork. The instructions are to go into your archives, find your 23rd post, and then find the 5th sentence and post it again.

I can do that. My 23rd post was A Bowlful of Summer and had an unrecipe - mix up some tomatoes, roasted corn and basil. The fifth sentence is sort of telling:

I thought about roasting it – which I’ve never done before – but really didn’t feel like firing up the grill.

I'm so lazy.

By the way, I think I found the origin of this meme. It apparently split off from a Page 23 meme over a year ago. Interestingly, there is what must be a related meme currently making the rounds which instructs you to go to page 123 of a nearby book.


santos. said...

aw, you can't be that lazy if you looked up your 23rd post. :)

(i managed to kill this meme off, too)

Cathy said...

I see you did (kill the meme that is) - but I just love your sentence!

Cathy said...

Hi AG - I think figuring out where these things come from is the fun part!