Friday, February 29, 2008

State by State - Maryland

Well, I promised I'd be back in February to begin State by State... and I've only got a few more minutes to make good on my promise! We'll see how things evolve, but right now I'd say my plan is not to try to be comprehensive, but for each state to talk about a few food-related topics that catch my fancy for one reason or another. As I ease back into this blogging business, I'll probably be keeping the posts rather short... but I plan to post a couple times a week.

I'll be focusing on Maryland during the month of March. I've lived here since 1964, but I feel that I hardly know the state. When you think of Maryland, what comes to mind? I expect it is probably something to do with the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's vast coastline (over 7000 miles - can it really be?). I've only visited Maryland's eastern shore once and my only memories of it are sailing on a friend-of-a-friend's rickety trimaran, and stopping at a McDonald's that was across the street from a Perdue plant (feathers EVERYwhere). So this area that is so quintessentially Maryland is almost completely foreign to me. I hope to remedy that someday.

Oh my gosh... three minutes until March... must post!

Anyway, for this evening I'll leave you with this - a story I heard on the news the other day. It pleases me no end to hear about something like this happening where I live... Maryland :)

Next time - Baltimore's famous cookies


santos. said...

ooh. great idea! will you cover unincorporated territories and commonwealths after the states? ;)

i haven't been to maryland in a very long time. when i first started going there i always thought of lots of greenery and changing seasons; in recent years i usually think of baltimore, john waters, homicide: life on the streets and the wire. sooo different!

the two edible things i think of when i think of maryland are crabs and natty boh.

Nupur said...

I confess that I know almost nothing about Maryland. What comes to my mind is the Johns Hopkins Med school; I had an aunt and uncle who were docs/profs there for decades. Oh, and the Baltimore orioles, both the bird and the team.
I am so excited to see this series, Cathy! I think of food in the US as far too homogenous and it is time for me to appreciate all the regional flair. Good luck on your journey :)

Rachel said...

This sounds like a fun series. I did a post on the Baltimore classic Smearcase (even wrote an article about it for Edible Chesapeake) that people went crazy over. Looking forward to the cookie post!

Leigh said...

The only thing I know about Maryland comes from having visited Harper's Ferry. I love the new look of your blog, and look forward to that cookie recipe.

Cathy said...

Comments!! I'd forgotten how wonderful comments were :)

Hi Santos! If I survive all 50 states (and DC), then yes - most definitely on to the unincorporated territories and states! Funny you mentioning the greenery - I think when you're from around here you take that for granted, but friends that were originally from the west coast had mentioned that as well. Baltimore - and Diner too!

Hi Nupur! Thanks - I'm very much looking forward to the journey :) You know I don't think I've ever seen a Baltimore Oriole in Maryland? I did see one last year in Vermont and there was quite a bit of excitement amongst us all at the time.

Hi Rachel! Ah, Smearcase! I've never sampled it but had came across a recipe (and now I see you have a recipe as well!) and plan to try making it. I was planning to mention Edible Chesapeake too - what a beautiful little magazine!

Hi Leigh! Thanks so much - I am so happy that it no longer looks exactly like a million other blogs :)

Cakespy said...

I am looking forward to the new series too...cookie post? I am so there!

Rowena said...

I know nothing of Maryland, so the month of March should be an interesting (if not educational!) one at that.

Always encouraging to hear about promoting local produce. My husband and I are looking into gathering our own vegetables at a nearby organic farm after a fellow blogger in Milan tipped me off on the idea. Now why didn't we ever think of this before?! Of course, there will be produce (I hope) from our own garden but I like the idea of supporting local farmers in every which way. Glad to see you back!

Cathy said...

Hi Cakespy! Yes, it seems only fitting I kick this thing off with a cookie post :)

Hi Rowena! There are limited kinds of pick-your-own produce around here, but they tend to be mostly fruits. I can't wait to hear what you think of the farm near you. I'm also looking forward to hearing about your own garden! I really was tickled to hear about the farm-to-school program - seems like the sort of thing that happens in California but never Maryland!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy -- I was just in Bal'mer for less than 24 hours to celebrate G's grandmother's birthday -- with crab, of course. Next time we'll come for longer, and maybe we can get together.

And when you do NY, you'll have to come for a visit...

Cathy said...

Hi Julie - that would be great! My visits to NYC are similar these days - a brief waystop between here and Vermont :) Crab is definitely Maryland's iconic food!