Monday, August 09, 2004

117 down, 96 to go…

I had a cookie mini-marathon today. I mixed up four batches of cookies and baked off two. I’ll bake the others tomorrow night. They’re for a meeting at work on Wednesday.

I used three different recipes – all old favorites. The chocolate pecan pie bars pictured above are from a 1989 magazine ad for Baker’s chocolate and Karo syrup. The sugar cookies that are also in the picture and the two batches of Cobblestone cookies that I haven’t baked yet are both from my favorite cookie cookbook, Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Cookies. I have made many of the recipes in this book and I’ve never been disappointed in any of them.

Maida Heatter’s recipes are detailed, but in a way that is helpful rather than complicated. For instance, a trick I learned from one of her recipes I use when making the chocolate pecan pie bars. If you line the pan with foil, you can lift the entire sheet of cookies out of the pan before cutting them into bars. This makes cutting easier and neater.

The Cobblestone cookies are chewy spice cookies that are loaded with raisins and walnuts. They are a slice and bake cookie with a twist: you spread the dough in a sheet pan and then cut them into bars. You end up with a thick rectangular cookie that is absolutely wonderful.

If you like making cookies, you need this book!


Anonymous said...

Yum. Those both look so good! The sugar cookies are beautiful. I do not own anything by Maida Heatter, but I think I must modify that problem immediately!

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,

I haven't baked cookies in such a long time. These look great! Can't wait to see how the rest turned out!

Reid said...
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Cathy said...

Thanks Alice! The book is actually out of print, but they apparently have copies at Jessica's Biscuit (see link) - and at a very good price!

Hi Reid! - Thanks! I'm sorry - I didn't take a picture of the others, but they are good. The conference was today and I intended to take a picture of all the cookies once I had them laid out in the trays, but I forgot. Too late now - there are only four cookies left!