Monday, August 23, 2004

A Peek Behind Closed Doors

Pim put it so well, “Living and blogging are not quite in harmony at the moment.” But to make matters worse, events in the kitchen have conspired against me as well.

I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen last week, and so had nothing to blog about. I had hoped to remedy that this past weekend. I spent time on several cooking projects, thinking I would get material for at least two or three posts. Unfortunately, I had little success and no pretty pictures (thank goodness I wrote my IMBB post last week!). I may still write of the failures and less-than-noteworthy efforts of last weekend, but tonight I’ve decided to do a mini exposé of my kitchen.

I hope you will not be too distressed by the disarray you are about to see. I did not straighten any shelves before taking these pictures. I also took a few close-up pictures so you could read some labels (as I would want to do). I’ll be back cooking soon.

my "pantry" - actually a pie cupboard

pantry - left middle shelf

pantry - top left shelf

cupboard to the right of the sink

cupboard - top left shelf

cupboard - bottom right shelf


Anonymous said...

This is such a cool, neat idea! You should have an event where everyone posts pictures of their cabinet contents! (I may just still be swept up in the IMBB frenzy, but I think it's a great idea.) Anyway, I highly enjoyed this and thought it was such a clever idea for a post! I guess I'm a busybody at heart. : )


Cathy said...

Hi Alice - Thanks! I thought of that, but wasn't sure it would go over. I would love it! The food blogging community is such an international one that it would be really fascinating to see what everyone happens to have in their cupboards!

Anonymous said...

These look much better than mine. Really.


Cathy said...

Hi Pim! I guess mine don't look so bad in the pictures. It's just they've reached the point that when I try to pull out the jar of peppercorns I can't do it without several other spice jars tumbling out, or when I am looking for my brown rice, I have to unload half the shelf to find it.

So what do yours look like? :)