Monday, February 21, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Sour-Cream Ginger Cookies

Page 39 in the old book / page 74 in the new book

OK, first off I have to say – these were really good cookies. They smelled really wonderful while they were baking, they had great flavor and perfect texture, and they even had ICING! But...they did cause me a little anxiety. I had the last batch in the oven and was mixing up the icing when it suddenly dawned on me…the egg white in this icing isn’t going to be cooked. It was quite late and running to the grocery store for pasteurized egg whites wasn’t an option. I was willing to eat the cookies, but I wasn’t sure if I should bring them to work. I had visions of making the evening news…” officials announced earlier today that the salmonella outbreak that affected 26 in suburban Maryland was traced back to a single uncooked egg white…”

After agonizing over it for a little while, I finally decided to bring the cookies in to work but to assuage my guilt I would fully disclose the potential risk associated with eating them. I sent the following email:

From: Cathy
Sent: Tue 2/15/2005 10:53 AM
To: everyone
Subject: cookies up front - please read below...

These have uncooked egg whites in the icing – it shouldn’t be a problem for most people but there is a small risk of salmonella. Anyone who is immunocompromised (big word from Phil) shouldn’t eat these – this includes people with certain medical conditions, the elderly and anyone who’s pregnant.

Anyway… they are sour cream ginger cookies

(My friend Phil put it much more succinctly…anyone who qualified for the flu shot should not eat these cookies.)

Happily no one got sick and all the cookies were eaten. These really were very tasty cookies - they have brown sugar and molasses and are spiced with ginger and cinnamon. The icing has vanilla and a touch of butter in it and was quite good. The recipe was recently reprinted in the Seattle Times (which oddly enough, didn't mention the egg white concern), so you can try them too!

Next week – Giant Ginger Cookies

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santos. said...

yessss--icing is back :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they were a success! And, I couldn't help but laugh at your email warning. :) I'd have been the first to eat one if I worked with you.

Cathy said...

Hi Santos - I'm afraid it is but a brief appearance! It will be awhile before it reappears.

Hi Alice - Thanks! It was funny who was scared off by my warning and who wasn't. The people who shouldn't have been eating them didn't seem the least bit concerned while a few healthy-and-not-pregnanat types shied away.

Anonymous said...

I am *not* of fan of spiced cookies at all, but these sound very good!


Cathy said...

Hi Moira - thanks, they were! These are mildly spiced, so even if you're not a big fan of spice cookies, I'll bet you would like these.

Zarah Maria said...

Cathy, these sound scrumptious! I would have been one of the people that had shoved at least 4 into my mouth before I even considering reading the e-mail - and I'd probably just shrug and eat one more! He! That's just me I guess!:-)

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,

These cookies sound delicious. I love spicy flavored cookies, especially if they have icing! =)

splatgirl said...

You could alway make the icing with powdered egg whites. Most supermarkets carry them in the baking asile . DebEl is a common brand.
I use them almost exclusively in baking since it's faster than separating a lot of fresh eggs, the added bonus being there's no risk of contamination

happy noshing

Cathy said...

Hi Zarah - I'd probably do the same if the tables were turned! They were yummy and definitely one of my favorites so far.

Hi Reid! There seems to be a clear preference among you all for cookies with icing!

Hi Lara - for some reason the fact that this recipe had an uncooked egg white in it didn't register with me until it was too late. I've heard of the powdered egg whites before but haven't seen them - I'll have to look for them. I expect they would last quite a while on the shelf - which would be a big advantage over the pasteurized egg whites. Thanks for stopping by and for your suggestion!