Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - April 13th

The theme this week is cheese. I confess that this is my doing - it was a choice made several weeks back and by the time "cheese week" rolled around, I was wishing it was "lettuce week" or some such. I've been indulging a bit too much lately and with my trip to Sicily rapidly approaching, I feel the need to good (so that I can be bad in Sicily, of course).

With cheese I didn't see many options for being good (as in eating healthfully), so I just went for being good (as in delicious). I thought about pizza, but then came across Santos' Tomato Tart. If you take a look, you'll see...this is what pizza wants to be when it grows up.

Santos has a breezy way of describing how she cooks that makes it sound so easy. For the pastry she "...added all these little bits and bobs of cheese i had in the fridge...". She used a combination of parmesan, gruyere, fontina and pecorino. Yum. I looked in my fridge and found parmesan, leerdammer, and jack. Oh dear... do they even go together? I hemmed and hawed about which to use and which to leave out, but finally decided (in the spirit of "bits and bobs") to use them all.

I used cherry tomatoes, cut the pastry recipe in half, and made individual tarts. I had enough pastry for three but stuck one blob in the freezer for later and made just two tarts. They came out beautifully. It was delicious too - the rich cheesy crust and sweet roasted tomatoes were both wonderful. I have one more tart waiting to be reheated tomorrow...then I'm going to be good.

Zarah tried some pretty elegant mac 'n cheese. Oh my gosh that sounds good!


santos. said...

wheee! summer must be near if the tomato tarts come out :-) what leerdamer?

Cathy said...

I'm afraid my tomatoes were imported, but they still tasted pretty darn good! Leerdammer (spelled it wrong originally - I'm going to correct that) I just learned last night is a Dutch cheese. It looks like Swiss cheese and is rich and mild tasting. Cook's Thesaurus compares it to Jarlsburg and Emmental. For at least a year I've been eating a sample in Whole Foods almost every week (they usually have cheese samples out on the weekend and this is one that makes frequent appearances). I finally bought a chunk a couple of weeks ago.

brownbreadicecream said...

Mmm, tomato tart sounds so good. Would love to see a picture of your tart, Cathy!

I must say, are there cheeses that actually don't taste delicious together?

Cathy said...

Hi Rachel - sorry, my little tarts are all gone and no pictures to show for it! When I started doing this I decided I would not post pictures for these Dining with the Bloggers posts and instead direct people to the original posts for photos - it puts the focus where it should be (the blogger who originally posted the recipe) and lets me cook without a camera for a change! Click on one of the links above to see Santos' rendition of her Tomato Tart.

brownbreadicecream said...

Oh, I see! That's a very nice way of doing things.