Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - May 25th

French. This is the theme I've been biting my nails over. I know nothing about French cuisine and would be hard pressed to describe it. What exactly qualifies as "French"?

True to form I put off finding a recipe until the last moment, at which time I wrote Zarah in a panic. Dear Zarah wrote back with a bunch of suggestions including Puy lentils, " doesn't get much more French than Puy lentils!", she said. Did someone say lentils? I can do lentils.

Not only did Zarah steer me towards Puy lentils, she specifically pointed me in the direction of Moira's blog, Who Wants Seconds?, and her Puy Lentil Salad with Feta Cheese. I remembered this salad from IMBB 11 and thought it was a fantastic idea. If you're not already familiar with Moira's blog, it is definitely worth a visit - in fact it's worth a regular visit. Who Wants Seconds? has gorgeous photos and well-written posts. When I first visited it (in late January, while doing the IMBB 11 round-up) it looked so polished I was shocked to find out that it was a mere 11 days old!

Moira's Puy lentil salad is a cinch to throw together. I'm pretty pokey in the kitchen, but I had dinner on the table in under an hour. The salad consists of lentils, carrot, celery, onion, green beans, feta, and cilantro and is dressed with toasted sesame oil and rice vinegar. The feta cheese really pulls this salad together and makes it a meal. It is delicious and light, but still very satisfying. Thanks Moira (and Zarah)!

So did Zarah find some great French food? Mais oui! Pay her a visit and see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cathy! I am amazed and flattered that you chose one of my recipes for your 'Dining with the Bloggers' series, and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!


Cathy said...

Hi Moira - the salad was really good! It was just what I needed after a couple weeks of over-indulgence. I haven't used Feta cheese much in the past, but I really enjoyed it in this salad. Thanks again!