Monday, May 30, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Hawaiian Pineapple Cookies

Page 52 in the old book / page 85 in the new book

My mom used to make a pineapple and coconut cookie that I always loved. When I saw the name of this week's cookie, I had visions of a Maida Heatter version of my mom's cookie. However, with an emphasis on the pecans and brown sugar, this cookie is quite different. The pineapple almost seems like an afterthought.

I had just one problem making these cookies - I didn't have enough crushed pineapple. I have had a suspicion in recent years that the pineapple to juice ratio in canned crushed pineapple has been shifting in favor of the juice, and now I have proof. In this 1977 recipe, Maida Heatter calls for an 8 ounce can of crushed pineapple. She instructs you to drain it and says you should have 2/3 cup pineapple. Well, I had less than half a cup. I don't know if the amount I was missing would have made a difference, but I felt the pineapple in these cookies was barely noticeable.

I had high hopes for these cookies, so I felt a little let down by the results. They were good, but not unusually so. I may have to dig up my mom's recipe and make some of those to console myself.

Suzanne gave these cookies a perfect rating, but I think she was just terribly relieved to have a cookie with no dried fruit in it. Here's the cookie panel...

Suzanne: "Great cookie! I love the pecans. The cookie was pleasing to the eye with a large pecan on the top. Perhaps it was the combination of the sweet pineapple, the spices and pecans that made this a really good cookie. Rating - 5"

Denny: "I liked them but they were a little non-descript except for the pecan. Didn't taste much pineapple though. Rating - 3.5"

Laura: "The name of these cookies intrigued me this Monday morning. I couldn't wait to sample them and I was not disappointed! These were very flavorful and moist, with just the right amount of crunchy pecans and tangy pineapple. Rating - 5"

Phil: "Just in time to impress new management during the federally designated Asian/Pacific Islander month these cookies were both topical and tasty. The pineapple did not dominate but offered some added sweetness plus a little moisture to the cookie. Rating - 3.5"

Overall rating by the panel - 4.3

Next week - Pumpkin Rocks

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Chocopie said...

hello, cathy
I have not imagined the meeting between coconut and pineapple. But your picture stimulated my appetite. I'd like to try it. Certainly, it'll be yummy.

santos. said...

wow. that doesn't look in the least bit hawaiian. unless you count it being brown...haaaaaa. i can say that, right? because i'm brown too, so you won't have the aclu on your blog for making racist cookies in this federally designated asian-pacific islander month....

Cathy said...

Hi chocopie! Actually, the cookies pictured don't have coconut in them, but that might be a good addition! My mom used to make some that had both pineapple and coconut and I think they were better than these. Maybe sometime I'll have to make those and post the recipe.

Hi Santos - ha, ha, ha! Well I suppose you might be off the hook, but I'm not sure that would clear the cookies...

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,

I'm actually not surprised that these are called Hawaiian. In fact, most often times, they only need to include pineapple to be called Hawaiian. That said, I don't think there is anything Hawaiian about the pecan on top. How's about a mac nut?

Cathy said...

Hi Reid - I think that's true. Macadamia nuts are a great idea - although these are loaded with pecans on the inside too and replacing them with macadamia nuts would run up quite a tab!!