Monday, March 12, 2007

Mondays with Maida - Danish Coffeehouse Slices

Page 204 in the old book / page 226 in the new book

I just had an "I could have had a V8!" moment - I uploaded the photo above and then noticed the name of these cookies again. I looked at the lovely Italian plate and back at the name of the cookies... and remembered the beautiful little Royal Copenhagen tray that Zarah brought me last year from Denmark. Big head slap. Hopefully I'll remember it when I make the Danish Butter Sandwiches in about two months!

These cookies bear some resemblance to both last week's cookie - Rugelach - and next week's Big Newtons. They're rolled with a filling of apricot jam, currants, and walnuts, much like rugelach, but the long rolls are not sliced until after they're baked - like fig newtons. The pastry is orange-flavored and the filling includes generous amounts of cinnamon and sugar. Denny complained that there was a little too much going on with these cookies, and he has a point. I think I would prefer the filling without the cinnamon and sugar. I think they mask the apricot jam's tartness and give the filling an almost grainy texture.

With Suzanne still out and both Terri and Herman having given up sweets for Lent, Drucie graciously agreed to fill in on the cookie panel...

Laura: "These are very moist and tasty. The filling (jam, nuts, currants) is incredibly yummy! Rating - 4.0"

Denny: "Very good. A little busy with the different flavors, but I guess I was expecting more nuts because it looks like a nut roll. Reminded me a little of a fig newton with the crust. Overall very nice once I got used to it. -1 for no chocolate. I'd give it a 3.8. Rating - 3.8"

Drucie: "Moist and chewy. I especially like the orange and cinnamon flavor with the currants. Too many nuts detract from the moistness of the cookie. Rating - 3.0"

Overall rating by the panel - 3.6

Next week - Big Newtons

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Anonymous said...

That's ok Cathy, because that image is just appetizingly gorgeous! Sort of like something that will come to mind when the predicted freak snowstorm hits us in a few days. I could sure go for a slice of that and a mug of hot cocoa while Mother Nature goes into a little hissy fit!

Cathy said...

Hi Rowena - thanks! I hope there are no hissy fits on this side of the pond - I've had it with winter. We're expecting warm weather tomorrow, but cool and rainy after that. I'm hoping that winter has seen its last until next year!

Leigh said...

Lovely photo. Those look like something I'd enjoy even without any chocolate!

Cathy said...

Thanks so much Leigh!

Nupur said...

A V8 moment! Cathy, you are too funny!