Monday, March 26, 2007

Mondays with Maida - Fudge Mallows

Page 211 in the old book / page 235 in the new book

The Cookie Panel has spoken and they've said, no - demanded (think Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors), "CHOCOLATE!" Okay, so I'm still smarting from the panel's utter rejection of my beloved Big Newtons last week, but regardless, this week's scores are shocking. Their first 5.0 ever - and this for a cookie that I thought was only average.

It's appearance certainly is seductive, but these cookies are much too sweet for my taste. The cookie base has good flavor and alone wouldn't be overly sweet. Its texture is sort of blah though - firm but cakey. It is the marshmallow that puts the cookie over the top in sweetness, but on the other hand it also provides a chewy gooeyness that saves the cookie from being truly ordinary.

The cookies are quite easy to make. Maida recommends wetting your hands slightly before rolling the dough into balls (presumably to prevent sticking), but I didn't find that necessary. I used the marshmallows that Whole Foods sells in plastic containers. They're sort of like homemade, and I thought they'd have better texture than the "jet-puffed" variety. Which brings me to this:

I call it "cookie massacre". After baking the cookies you stick half a marshmallow on top of each and put them back in the oven for between one and one and a half minutes. I left mine in about a minute and 10 seconds. They actually didn't look this bad when I first pulled them out of the oven. The marshmallows on one sheet were still perched on top of the cookies. Those on the other sheet had mostly toppled off but had just started to melt. Unfortunately, the marshmallows continued to melt out of the oven. I probably should have slid the paper off the cookie sheets immediately rather than attempting to lift the cookies off individually, but even after the cookies were on the racks, the marshmallow situation got worse. I tried to do damage control for a little while and then just gave up and decided to wait until they cooled. The moral of this story is watch those suckers closely and consider taking them out before you think they're ready. I doubt I'll make these again - but if I did, I'd probably pull them out after 30 seconds or so.

Here's the panel...

Suzanne: "Wow! Yummy! This cookie had everything you could want. The cookie’s texture tasted more like chocolate cake then a cookie. There was a whole pecan in the center. On the top of the cookie was a blob of marshmallow and on top of that a thick blob of deep, rich chocolate fudge. Very sweet, but delicious! I think I've died and gone to heaven. Rating - 5.0"

Laura: "A. Maze. Ing! These cookies were very yummy fudgy brownie-like cookies topped with gooey marshmallow and fudge glaze. Terrific! Rating - 5.0"

Denny: "Excellent! Chewy and gooey. One of the best yet. 5.0!!! Just a wee bit sticky but worth it. The marshmallow makes it extra sweet but adds its texture to the chocolate icing above and the chocolate cookie below for a wonderful combination. Rating - 5.0"

Drucie: "These cookies were delicious! Sweet and chocolaty, and the marshmallow was a nice contrast in texture. I really like these cookies. Rating - 5.0"

Overall rating by the panel - 5.0

Next week - Chocolate Aggies

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Cynthia said...

Just want to say how much I enjoy reading your cookie reviews! I tend to make the same ones over and over again (the Swedish Ginger rolled cookies because my children love to decorate them) but I am going to make the Big Newtons very soon. They sound wonderful.

The funny thing (to me) is that I got here through a link from a weaving blog, but I've been coming back again and again for your food writing. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting cookie, it reminds me of the kind of cookie my grandfather always loved, maybe not for the taste but because he could easily eat them having no teeth, but it brings back memories of his love for them and this would so closely resemble them for the homemade version I probably would have greatly enjoyed making for him!

Anonymous said...

Laura Here. This made me think about making brownies and putting mini marshmallows on top, then using the choclate glaze on top of that. I'd go light on the marshmallows.

Amy said...

I laughed when I saw the photo! Looks like something that would happen to me!

They remind me of a packaged cookie my mom used to buy back in the 70's and we thought they were a real treat.

Anonymous said...

Oh lordie lord! You know what would have really been great? A video to this post. I'm just thinking to how crazy it must have been to see those marshmallows melting away like that. But then at times I tend to be overly dramatic. ;-P

Great write-up on these Fudge Mallows !!

KeanaLee said...

That is too funny, I am chuckling.
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Cathy...they look fabulous! Interesting that you thought they were too sweet...I think I might disagree with you on that one! I really want to try these. I'm definitely impressed by the 5.0 rating from the cookie panel!

Cathy said...

Hi Cynthia - thanks so much! I hope you like the Big Newtons - if you love figs, I know you will! I'm having guilt pangs now - I haven't woven anything in ages, let alone blogged about it!

Hi Laurie! I think I know the kind of cookie you're talking about - I loved those as a kid. It's always fun to bake for someone special!

Hi Laura! Maida has a similar recipe earlier in the book called Dark Rocky Roads. That was also one that I found too sweet, but like you said a light touch with the marshmallows, or maybe even a less sweet chocolate glaze might balance the sweetness better.

Hi Amy! Fortunately, I found it funny too. At least I didn't have a big time investment in them and as it turns out I was able to recover pretty well. I just scraped up the marshmallow after it had cooled and stuck it back on top. It was a little messy, but it worked!

Hi Rowena! Ha! A video would have been great. Of course I was too flustered to think of taping the whole thing!

Hi Keanalee - thanks so much!

Hi Alice! I'd love to try this with homemade marshmallows - I'm thinking they might be just a little less sweet. I really think the high scores were because they hadn't had chocolate cookies in such a long time!

Madam Chow said...

I'm going to have to try the Newtons soon - they sounded and looked wonderful. And these cookies look like just the thing for chocolate junkies like your tasting panel.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting a perfect 5! Those cookies look scrumptious. I love the combination of chocolate and marshmallow and if those were in my house, the only person who would know about their existence would be me. I'd eat them before sharing! By the way, is that chocolate icing of some kind on top of the marshmallow?

Cathy said...

Hi Madam Chow! Oh do try the Big Newtons, I promise I have not exagerated how good they are! Yes, these cookies were definitely what those poor chocolate-deprived panelists needed!

Hi Mari - thank you!! Yes, that's chocolate icing on top, which fortunately cools to something that is quite firm so that you can still (carefully) stack the cookies in a container. The icing is made with powdered sugar, cocoa, butter and water - very simple.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your cookie reviews! Thanks! I made the fudge mallows yesterday. My marshmallows may have been old - I used the Jet-Puff brand. They did not melt much. I made the exact number that Maida said but mine were larger than your photo. Overall, my family give them a 3.5.

Cathy said...

Hi Barbara - thank you! I have a feeling the recipe was written for that type of marshmallow. Sounds like yours behaved exactly as Maida intended - they're not really supposed to melt I think, just soften up enough to stick and maybe change the texture a little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, lady. 30 seconds worked PERFECTLY