Monday, April 02, 2007

Mondays with Maida - Chocolate Aggies

Page 213 in the old book / page 239 in the new book

No drama this week - in the making or the eating. These cookies were simple to make and very, very good. They're moist, chewy, and perhaps most importantly - chocolate.

I can't recall if I've made these before, but they certainly are a familiar cookie. You'll find similar recipes on the net under the names "Chocolate Crinkle Cookies" and "Chocolate Snowflake Cookies". Maida's name for these cookies puzzled me and I hunted around to see if other cookies were known as "Aggies", but as near as I can tell the only recipe out there with this name is Maida's own. There are two other meanings of the word: students of an agricultural college or agate marbles. I'm guessing it's the marbles that inspired the name of these cookies. As you see them in the photo above they don't much look like agate marbles, but before baking I suppose they did.

In case you're not already familiar with these cookies, what gives them their distinctive look is a coating of powdered sugar that is applied before baking. When baked, the cookies split open and spread in a way that clearly inspired their other monikers - crinkles and snowflakes.

Here's the panel...

Suzanne: "I love chocolate brownies and that’s exactly what this cookie tastes like. The sweetness of the powdered sugar topping was an added treat. The cookie had walnuts inside which added to the fudgie brownie taste. Rating - 5.0"

Laura: "Chocolate with a dusting of powdered sugar sweetness! Deliciously moist and chocolatey. Very yummy cookies! Rating - 4.5"

Denny: "Very nice little cookie with maybe just a little too much powdered sugar. Not much to say about it, but it was good. Rating - 4.0"

Drucie: "Not only are they pretty to look at, but they are chocolatey and chewy as well. I'm not a fan of nuts in cookies, so I found the walnuts a little distracting. Rating - 4.5"

Overall rating by the panel - 4.5

Next week - Chocolate Oatmeal Crispies

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Anonymous said...

I found a recipe for those and the author named them "Chocolate Truffle Cookies." Did Maida have any alcohol or liqueur in the recipe? The one I use calls for Cherry Brandy.

Rowena said...

They do look familiar...I remember one of the bakers where I worked made them as one of her repertoire cookies but for the life of me I can't remember the name...chocolate krinkles? Tasty things!

Cathy said...

Hi Mari! No there's no flavoring in these aside from chocolate. Not even any vanilla, which seems unusual. I think the addition of a little liqueur or brandy would be a nice twist. I think I saw some discussion on-line where someone suggested adding some orange rind.

Hi Rowena! That they are! I can see why they'd earn a place in the baker's repertoire!

Anonymous said...

It definitely seems like the cookie panel is swayed by chocolate!! It seems that any cookie with chocolate is getting higher ratings than any cookies without chocolate...hmmm, I feel like some of the other cookies were under-appreciated. far as learning a good lesson...I'm learning through your process that chocolate is the sure crowd pleaser and that when I bother to make anything to bring in and share at work...I might as well make it a chocolate-something! :)

Cathy said...

Hi Alice! Without a doubt the cookie panel favors chocolate over all else. I'm not certain they're a representative sample, but I have a feeling you're right - you can't go wrong with chocolate!

Leigh said...

Wow! I remember these! Or something like them when I was a little girl. Yum. I need to go find the recipe.

Cathy said...

Hi Leigh! Lots of recipes out there... if you search on chocolate aggies I think you'll probably even turn up Madia's recipe.

Hi Jeena - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I make these (or something very similar) as part of my Christmas baking. My family has always called them chocolate crackles. I love them with milk!

Cathy said...

Hi Nicole! Ah, yet another name!