Monday, April 30, 2007

Mondays with Maida - Señoritas

Page 218 in the old book / page 242 in the new book

Sorry, my cookie post is arriving a little late today... I just got back from a wonderful weekend which I'll tell you a little about in the next day or two.

These cookies have lots going for them: they're crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, they're very easy to make, and they're loaded with brown sugar and toasted almonds. Once again I find myself championing a cookie that some found plain. I thought the toasted almonds in these cookies gave them great flavor and added a nice crunch, lifting them well above the ordinary.

Here's the panel...

Suzanne: "This cookie grew on me. At first, I thought there wasn’t much to the cookie, but after a few bites, I really liked the brown sugar and crunchy almond taste. Rating - 4.0"

Laura: "These cookies are sweet and crunchy. The flavor is nice, but they aren't very "exciting" (as cookies go). Rating - 3.0"

Denny: "OK but a little too sweet 2.0 (-1 for no chocolate). Rating - 2.0"

Terri: "These are delicious, especially if you like almonds. The texture is chewy, but the almonds make them a bit crunchy too. There's just enough brown sugar, so these are almost an almond flavored sugar cookie. Rating - 4.0"

Overall rating by the panel - 3.3

Next week - French Filbert Macaroons

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cathy, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Can't wait to hear about it. Okay. Now, on to business. Your Denny panelist should be spanked. Why? Because of the -1 for no chocolate. Does every cookie have to have chocolate in it? An absence of choco doesn't mean it's going to be not-so-great. I applaud you, as always, for trying a new cookie each week. This one made me think of the song "My Little Senorita" by Los Lonely Boys. I'll send you a copy or clip or whatever I can if you'd like...anyway. Good job! Have an excellent week. ciao, m

Anonymous said...

I'm up for seeing Denny spanked! (And for some reason that sounds like an episode off of South Park). Like Mari, a song did come to mind, but it was none other than JT himself, with his sexy Senorita tune. Go Justin!!

Cathy said...

Hi Mari and Rowena! Well you both gave me a good laugh - I so want to let Denny know that you two have put him in the doghouse for his unfair scoring practices, but I think I'll have to savor that little nugget all by myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Those look quite tasty, I wonder what the addition of ginger would do to them? I love looking at the new cookies each week, it's inspiring!!

Cathy said...

Hi Clover - thanks so much! I'll bet ginger would be good in these, or how about candied ginger instead of the almonds? Without the almonds, this is a basic (but very good) brown sugar cookie with a really great texture.