Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sunday Quiz

The Sunday Doodle

Just curious, wondering, need to know...

1. Do you know the difference between "Crushed Tomatoes" and "Ground Peeled Tomatoes"? Muir Glen sells both and to my eye they look exactly the same.

2. Do you eat breakfast cereal? For breakfast? Do you have a favorite?

3. You're channel surfing and come upon the Food Network. Who would you stop for? A. Emeril, B. Bobby Flay, C. Giada De Laurentiis, D. Ina Garten, E. Alton Brown, F. Oh please, I'd be on the next channel so fast...

4. How much time do you typically spend fixing dinner (not including clean-up) on a weeknight?

5. I recently came across a recipe that calls for "4 to 5 fresh sage leaves, peeled and finely chopped". Any ideas on how to peel a sage leaf, or do you think it's a mistake?

Leave your answers in the comments... I'll post mine on Tuesday. Have a great week!


Rachel said...

1. crushed tomatoes are often chunkier.
2. nope
3. none...we don't have cable!
4. too long. normally 1-2 hrs
5. i think they made a mistake. could they have meant garlic? or maybe they did a bad cut/paste job

Stephanie said...



1. Tomatoes...not sure.
2. I do. These days, it's Cheerios. Though I'm awfully fond of Coco-Wheats.
3. D or E. Either. Love them both.
4. Wow...that depends on the dinner. SOmetimes, just an hour. Other nights...less, dreaded other evenings...a couple.
5. We have sage growing near our garden, and all the times I've used it..never once peeled it. Must be a mistake.

Nupur said...

1. I think crushed tomatoes have their peels on, and the other are peeled (as the name says).
2. I don't like sweet stuff for breakfast, plus I don't like milk, so cereal is a no-no for me. But I don't mind snacking on cereal, and I don't mind hot cereal either.
3. I'd stop only for the occasional "food network challenge" that looks interesting...otherwise, just surf on to the next channel.
4. 1 hour start to finish. sometimes even less. never more :)
5. I think peeling means getting rid of the fuzz maybe? But no idea how to do that.

Anonymous said...

1. No idea.
2. Yes, but not usually for breakfast. Right now I've been liking Total with 1/2 banana, for supper.
3. In this order EDCBA.
4. It depends. But on cereal nights, 5 minutes.
5. Hmm, I'd love to see you try to peel sage.