Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Sunday Quiz

The Sunday Doodle

Just curious, wondering, need to know...

1. How will you/did you spend Father's Day? Cookout, picnic, restaurant? Any special food traditions?

2. Do you know what the odds are of having more than one double-yolked egg in one carton of eggs?

3. Do you have any "cooking cheats"... shortcuts you take because it's easier and no one will ever know the difference?

4. If you were to indulge in a peanut butter sandwich, what would you have with it? Strawberry jam? Grape jelly? Cheese?

5. When loading the dishwasher, do you think the spoons and forks should go up (handle down) or down?

Leave your answers in the comments... I'll post mine on Tuesday. Have a great week, and happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy:

1. Well, my father passed away a while back, and I haven't made my husband a father (yet - ahem), so...we're going to take it easy, and hope that fathers are having a good time everywhere.

2. Double-yolked eggs. I've seen one once on a cooking show. One in one hundred?

3. Cooking cheats: Not many. I once added some water to the milk carton because we were almost out. When my husband poured it into his cereal, I don't think he noticed. (not really a cooking cheat, but all I could think of at the moment)

4. The peanut butter never makes it to the sandwich stage with me. I start eating it right out of the jar...I know, bad...

5. We don't have a dishwashing machine. I am the dishwasher.


Leigh said...

1. DH is on the road but I called my Dad and had my son over for supper.
2. Nope
3. Not really, unless I use a prepared meal item. I like to cook from scratch and usually am substituting healthier ingredients like whole wheat flour, honey or molasses, or rice milk.
4. That's easy. My PB sandwiches are always made with my homemade, home canned wild muscadine grape jelly.
5. Up! Definitely. I know the rack is supposed to be clean, but I can't really vouch that it isn't a tad grungy. If I poke myself with a fork or knife, oh well. (Actually I do all my dishes by hand!)

P.S. I would measure WPI for a lofty or elastic yarn by wrapping gently and not stretching it out. The resting size is what I'll be working with and this is also the size the yarn will be in the finished item after washing.

Cerebrum said...

1. Um - studying. My Dad's travelling Asia with my Stepmom and brother and sister, so it seemed fair that I stayed at home, studying (ARGH!:-))

2. More than one doubled-yolked egg?? Hm. Slim to none? I've seen one every once and again, but I can't recall ever having two or more from the same carton...

3. This one's hard. I'm sure I do, but I can't think of them now. I always chop things like ginger and garlic by hand. Wait - I sometimes use canned tomatoes instead of fresh, especially in sauces and the like - tomatoes are darn expensive out of season, and the taste doesn't justify the splurge...

4. Strawberry jam :) We don't really have grape jelly around these parts (well, we probably do, somewhere, but it's hard to find!)

5. I'm with the "no dishwasher crew" - but if I had one, it would be up!

Love the quizzes!

Nupur said...

1. My parents were traveling that day, but I bought my dad a tie :D I know that sounds like the most banal Father's day gift ever, but it was one with an aviation theme that he loved the minute he saw it!

2. Very very low. They "candle" the eggs to make sure it almost never happens.

3. Can't think of any...other than using canned tomatoes and coconut milk for convenience. I find that the real-deal method often is not much more trouble than the cheater method :)

4. I love it with jam of any berry. But I use peanut butter more as a topping for oatmeal, and as an ingredient (for Asian sauces etc).

5. Handle down. Always! Although we rarely use the dishwasher...only when we have company. Otherwise, V is the dishwasher :D

chuckless said...

1. Cookout with (wild) high school friends of you know who's.

2. On the chicken farm growing up (no jokes), I felt like I saw them not too infrequently so I'll say 1 in 200.

3. Cooking?!?!? Oh, I think if I'm cooking at all I'm cheating at something.

4. SLICED contest!

5. Handles up until about a year ago when my arm was twisted behind my handles down.