Sunday, November 27, 2005

BBM3: Eva's Package from Chiara Arrives

Hello Cathy!

I received my parcel a few days ago, it came from Chiara at The parcel was filled with Italian delicacies, and I am so looking forward to trying it all out.

First there is an Italian cake, a panettone, will keep this for Christmas since Chiara wrote that it is traditionally eaten at Christmas in Italy.

Then there are 3 jars of Sardinian honey (eucalyptus, orange and daffodil), since Chiara often spends summers on Sardinia.

A huge block of white nougat was also in the box, Torrone a speciality from north Italy and also eaten at Christmas (doubt that it will last that long with me...!).

Chiara has also included a jar of her homemade preserved peppers (for those of you who understand Italian the recipe can be found on

Finally there was a Christmas decoration, a delicious card from a chocolaterie in Milan, some food pages from her newspaper, and a beautifully handwritten letter (in French) which I will reply to soon. Thanks Chiara!

Looking forward to BBM4!!


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