Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mari's BBM3 Package

Mari has a website where she sells her amazing cookies, but not a blog. So here's the note and photo she sent me about her package...

Dear Cathy,

I just received my most excellent package from Mia of "Knit and Play with Fire." I wish I knew Mia when I was a college student (although it's quite possible she wasn't around yet...) because this is the kind of care package I always yearned for.

I received:

- A Rescue Company 24 Cookbook. It's a compilation of recipes by members and friends of the Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Co in Frederick County, Maryland.
- Hermits cookies; spicy, with nuts and raisins. They taste great!
- Pumpkin bread. I have not tried this yet. But it smells gooooood.
- Recipes for the aforementioned, as well as recipes for her favorite Cinnamon Jumbles cookies and her all-time favorite recipe, Cuban Arrox ConLeche (Cuban Rice Pudding).
- A lovely card in which she told me about her Cuban and American roots andtraditions.
- Her local newspaper and grocery store flyer.

Thank you Mia!


Nic said...

They're flying (sometimes literally) in! This is what I like to see!

Joycelyn said...

hi cathy, you lucky thing - i adore hermits!

Cathy said...

Hi Nic - they really are!

Hi Jocelyn - this wasn't my package - I'm just posting it here because Mari doesn't have a blog. Mari is the lucky recipient of this one!