Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dining with the Bloggers - November 9th

Oh dear, I don't know where my head is... I almost forgot about Dining with the Bloggers! No, no, I didn't forget to eat (never!), it just slipped my mind to post... well almost.

For a busier-than-usual week I found an easier-than-usual recipe - Chubby Cat's Chicken Parcels with Ginger and Garlic. I haven't been eating chicken as much as usual lately, but generally it is one of my stand-bys, so a new recipe is always welcome. I think you could just as easily use a boneless chicken breast for this, but I used a regular, bone-in one. This method of cooking - en papillote - is so easy and versatile and the end result is meat that is especially moist. Chubby Cat's ginger and garlic marinade is super easy - especially if you cheat and use bottled minced ginger as I did. That leaves very little chopping to do - just enough to make you feel like you're cooking!

As I said, the chicken came out very moist and tender. Lightly scented with ginger and garlic, leftovers would be lovely sliced for a sandwich. I stuffed my leftovers into the freezer, but with the Christmas frenzy close upon us, I'm sure I'll be pulling them out very soon!

Chubby Cat's blog, chubby cat cooks, is loaded with equally good looking recipes. It is well organized with various recipe categories (meat recipes, pasta recipes, poultry recipes...) and has a spare, clean look. Most posts have a recipe and each recipe is accompanied by some personal notes giving a little context. It is definitely a good place to look when you're in a hurry to find something tasty for dinner!

Zarah's had a week even crazier than mine, but I think we can count on her to still come up with something delicious to share!


santos. said...

nice job! that looks so succulent.

Cathy said...

Hi Santos - I didn't look closely at my photos until after it was too late to take more. When I posted I realize there was quite a puddle in that packet... guess that would qualify as succulent!