Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Butterscotch Brownies

Page 92 in the old book / page 135 in the new book

These brownies smelled so good while baking! They were good too... though I'd be inclined to tweak the recipe a little next time.

These are not the typical "blondies" you may be accustomed to. There are no chocolate chips in these, but with dark brown sugar and molasses, they have a richer flavor than those other "unchocolate" brownies. The texture was wonderful and very much like a good chocolate brownie. They had a little crunch on the outside, while the inside was moist and chewy.

When I tasted one I had a moment of panic. I was afraid I had left the salt out, but I checked the recipe and discovered it didn't call for salt. That seems odd to me. When I think of butterscotch, I think buttery, caramelly, and yes... salty! Next time I would add 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of salt.

I think everyone liked these. The main problem was they weren't chocolate...

Suzanne: "Delicious! These made my mouth water for more. I think it was the extra molasses that made these so tasty. Rating - 4.0"

Denny: "They were good & I'm not much for butterscotch. I'd rate them a 3. Rating - 3.0"

Laura: "While I don't usually care for "non-chocolate" brownies, these were de-lish! Rating - 4.0"

Phil: "Nicely textured brownie with a moist, firm, almost chewy center. A buttery subtle taste of butterscotch which runs a bit counter to whatI'm programmed to expect in a brownie – chocolate. Rating - 3.3"

Overall rating by the panel - 3.6

Next week - Florida Cream-Cheese Squares

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Niki said...

Ahh - it's all about perception, isn't it? I wonder if the word brownie wasn't included in the title, the tasters might have had a different opinion? Say, if it was called Chewy Butterscotch Squares, or something like that.

santos. said...

mmmm. i don't actually like brownies, nor am i big fan of chocolate, so i'm all for these. although, like you, i'd add salt.

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,
I love the flavor of butterscotch. So I'm sure I would like these. mmm!

Stephanie said...

Maybe you should bake another batch, and dip the pieces in chocolate??

Matt will love these. He's often asking for butterscotch-flavored goods.

And I do have the book...!

eat stuff said...

These look yummy Kathy.
But I would like to thankyou for the lovely getwell card. It was such a nice suprise and cheered me up immensly. Thank you so much.


Cathy said...

Hi Niki! For some, definitely yes! For Suzanne, I think it wouldn't have mattered what they were called - she said she couldn't give them a 5 because they didn't have chocolate in them!

Hi Santos! I love chocolate, but in cookies for some reason it's the other ones that really get my attention. I remember that you are very fond of ginger snaps... do you prefer crunchy cookies in general?

Hi Reid! They are good and something I'm sure I'll make again (once I finish this weekly cookie regimen anyway! :) )

Hi Stephanie! Hmmm... butterscotch and chocolate? It just might work!

Hi Clare! You are very welcome - I'm so glad you're home and feeling better!

Unknown said...

my mom gave me an old book of cookies & stuff (maida heatter) from like 1977 that these were in they're one of the first things i have baked from scrath and I LOVE them