Saturday, November 12, 2005

BBM3 Arrivals

Here's some news about a couple of BBM3 arrivals from participants without blogs...

From Lisa in New York:

Hey There!
Just got my package (am sending mine this weekend) and I love it! The only thing is, my sendee didn't put her email or anything in the package and I'd love to get in touch and thank her. Would you mind passing her email on to me so that I can thank her properly?
All best,

P.S. Thanks so much for hosting the BBM--I'm a complete convert!

Lisa's package was sent by Kat in New Hampshire, who sent me a description and a photo when she mailed the package:

Hi Cathy

Kat here, about to mail my package to Lisa in NYC!
I love herbs and spices - to me that's what cooking is all about - so I made her gingerbread hearts and biscotti, and cut some rosemary and thyme from the garden.( and made her a tiny little oak leaf magnet)
Sunny and beautiful here in NH!


And from Jocelyn in California:


I received a terrific package from Raquel ( yesterday.

It contained Mexican Wedding cookies, Rocky Ledge bars, Snickerdoodles, Craisins, Maple syrup, and a wonderful letter, photos of her kitchen, recipes, a refrigerator magnet and a supermarket flyer. So generous!

I’ve attached a couple of photos, but as it turns out, I’m a pretty lousy photographer.

I hope everyone else is having as great an experience as I am.

Take care, and happy holidays!

Thank you for coordinating this.


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Nic said...

Oh, those are some delicious looking (and sounding) packages!