Monday, November 07, 2005

Mondays with Maida - Dark Rocky Roads

Page 88 in the old book / page 132 in the new book

I thought I would enjoy these cookies more than I did - another one that was a little too sweet for me. The cookie consists of a brownie base topped with marshmallows, pecans and a chocolate glaze. I think I would have preferred semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate drizzled on top, rather than the very sweet chocolate glaze that was used.

These are quite easy to make, the only difficulty being that they're a little sticky to cut. Which brings me to what is possibly the best thing about the recipe - this quote from Maida: "Cutting these into bars is liable to be a little messy and frustrating even after letting them stand. Just be brave and remember that you're the boss."

Even though I was slightly disappointed with these cookies, they disappeared quickly and were well received...

Suzanne: "This was delicious or maybe decadent is the correct word. The brownie was a true brownie with nuts and not fudgy. It was topped with marshmallow, pecan and a drizzle of chocolate icing. Rating - 5.0"

Denny: "Very good, I give them a 4. Rating - 4.0"

Laura: "Deliciously moist, chewy, and chocolatey. Very yummy! Rating - 4.0"

Phil: "Nothing subtle about these gooey, sugary sweet, May West type brownies - big, bold, and over the top. And just in time for Halloween. Rating - 4.3"

Overall rating by the panel - 4.3

Next week - Light Rocky Roads

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Stephanie said...

Hey, now that I've discovered I can actually make my own marshmallow...Rocky Road, here I come!

Nic said...

I must admit that I was excited to see the Rocky Roads. I'm sure I'd like these - even with the sweetness - because I'll take anything with marshmallows. Maybe I'll use the unsweetened glaze from the mint bars, though.

Anonymous said...

Tee Hee....LOVE that Maida quote!!

Cathy said...

Hi Stephanie - I think I would like these better with a more substantial marshmallow, so maybe homemade marshmallows would help. I swear the ones you can usually find in the grocery store are getting pooffier all the time!

Hi Nic - if you try that I'll be curious to know how it turns out. I've always loved rocky road sundaes and ice cream, so I was looking forward to this one too. Oooh, I just had a thought (speaking of rocky road sundaes) - what if you used salted peanuts instead of pecans?

Hi Alice - me too! :-)

Rachel said...

yummy! sounds like rave reviews to me!

Cathy said...

Hi Rachel - yeah, I think this week I was the odd man out in the ratings!

Reid said...

Hi Cathy,

I like rocky road, but if this has milk chocolate AND marshmallows AND brownies, I think it would be a little too sweet unless you were just nibbling. Even then, I think you would get a sugar headache after a while.

Cathy said...

Hi Reid - The glaze is made with unsweetened chocolate, but it is still too sweet. Don't think I've ever had a sugar headache, but I agree this one needs to be taken in small doses!